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At PPS, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality development projects with a multifaceted approach. As principal designers, we oversee and manage design teams, ensuring strict adherence to client requirements and prioritising safety in installation methodologies. Our expertise spans various factors, including energy efficiency, carbon footprint, future utility, expansion, maintenance, and replacements.

Our dedicated Project Managers ensure timely, budget-friendly project delivery with an unwavering commitment to safety. We maintain open communication with stakeholders, conduct regular on-site meetings, and provide weekly progress reports for easy project tracking.

Specialising in health and safety management, particularly in CDM 2015 coordination, our services encompass auditing, accident, and incident reporting. Committed to excellence, safety, and client satisfaction, PPS is your trusted partner to bring your vision to life. Contact us today for assistance with your upcoming projects and guaranteed success.


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Our team of experts primarily operates in the South East, yet we possess the capability to carry out projects across the entire UK. This enables us to offer a cost-efficient multi-site service encompassing all pre-construction and construction professional services, alongside Health & Safety management.

We also possess considerable expertise in fully outsourcing Health and Safety support services for large corporate organisations.



As part of our mission for equality and inclusivity, we work to ensure PPS are an equal-opportunity employer that complies to the parameters of the Equality Act 2010.  As part of this, we ensure that discrimination does not take place in the employment process, in day-to-day site and office life or in the selection of contractors.

Accessibility is also part of this equal opportunities focus.  As a company, we place the career progression of our employees at the forefront of our approach.  Therefore, we strived to accommodate and make accessible for all training opportunities and mentorship in order to allow each individual the best possibility to thrive as a part of the team.

As part of this, we have an Equality Manager who works to ensure our policies are inclusive and accommodating, whilst also being a presence within the company to address and remedy any issues that may arise from an individual’s experience.  It is our continuous endeavour to achieve an inclusive, accepting workplace where ability is the criteria for acceptability. 


We offer a comprehensive service and take time to understand the overall needs of your business. We’re approachable, responsive and work hard to exceed expectations.

We always look to introduce new ideas and processes and show creativity in our project proposals. We always advise on regulatory and sustainability issues.

We ensure senior management involvement and empower our people to deliver on each project. We are committed to building ongoing, long-term relationships with all our clients.

e are constructive, innovative, highly reputable, and transparent with our fees. We aim to add quantifiable value to our client's businesses and to highlight programme reductions.

Knowledge and experience are key to offering a quality delivery. We promote education and encourage the development of our team.  We share knowledge, produce case studies, attend relevant training courses which allow us to offer a professional knowledgeable approach to our client requirements.


We provide our services across various sectors of business ensuring a quality delivery and encouraging a positive Health and Safety culture.


At PPS we specialise in delivering tailored project solutions for domestic clients, offering a range of services such as extensions, loft conversions, refurbishments, renovations, kitchen and bathroom installations, home office setup and garden upgrades. With a wealth of experience in diverse domestic properties and more, the mission is to streamline the construction process, delivering projects on time, within budget and with a strong emphasis on safety.

Understanding our clients’ needs is the foundation to our approach. Allowing us to seamlessly integrate into the design process. We facilitate the creation of pertinent architectural drawings that are instrumental in obtaining necessary planning approvals. Additionally, we meticulously manage all aspects of building control, ensuring comprehensive oversight and coordinating site visits as needed to secure the essential approvals for the required sign-offs.

Our commitment to understanding the day-to-day living requirements of our clients sets us apart. All attending operatives undergo a DBS check ensuring additional peace of mind to our clients. As your dedicated partner, we assume key roles such as Principle Designer, Principle Contractor in Health and Safety Management to ensure a comprehensive project delivery package.

Effective communication is at the core of our project delivery strategy. We Create relevant reporting documents at various project stages, keeping you informed and in control. Upon project completion, we provide you with essential handover documents, including comprehensive operations and maintenance manuals, the health and safety file and relevant drawings. These resources empower you to manage your environment. Confidently ensuring a seamless transition to operational excellence. Choose PPS for a stress-free and effective domestic building experience.


With a rich history steeped in diverse construction projects, PPS has been a key player in collaborations with renowned main contractors. Our extensive portfolio spans a variety of developments, including new build offices, housing, retail park constructions, office fit-outs, asset replacements, and transformations from commercial spaces to high-end residential and student accommodation.

Recognising the uniqueness of each project, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to your specific requirements. Whether serving as the Principal Contractor or Principal Designer, ensuring CDM compliance, conducting Health and safety auditing and reporting, or facilitating project delivery, our adaptable approach seamlessly meets your project's demands.

Our success is rooted in collaborative efforts with key stakeholders and supply partners. Through robust communication channels, we consistently deliver projects with a focus on safety, timeliness, and adherence to agreed budgets. We cherish the relationships formed and the teamwork that propels our projects to success.

At PPS, our commitment to excellence, safety, and efficient project delivery stands unwavering. Entrust us to be your construction partner, and let's bring your vision to life together. Contact us today to explore how we can contribute to the success of your upcoming projects.


Our wealth of experience spans diverse industries, including banking, advertising, social media, television, and manufacturing. With a proven track record, we have forged partnerships with leading facilities management companies. Our central mission revolves around transforming workspaces through innovative design solutions, efficient space planning, and strategic asset replacement. Our bespoke designs are crafted to align with each organisation's goals, placing a strong emphasis on energy efficiency and minimising the carbon footprint.

PPS offers a comprehensive turn-key solution that seamlessly integrates various roles. As your trusted partner, we assume the roles of Principal Designer, Principal Contractor, and Health and Safety Management Services provider. Effective communication is the cornerstone of our project delivery, ensuring timely production of essential reporting documentation at every project stage.

Upon successful project completion, we facilitate a seamless transition by providing crucial handover documents. These encompass a comprehensive set of operations and maintenance manuals, the health and safety file, and associated drawings. Our commitment to excellence extends from project inception to handover, ensuring that you are well-equipped to manage your workspace with confidence.

We are dedicated to enhancing workspaces and achieving your unique goals. Contact us today to explore how we can collaborate and transform your workspace for the better. Your vision, coupled with our expertise, is the perfect formula to make it happen.



PPS boasts a rich collaborative history with educational authorities across various sectors, including universities, colleges, schools, and special needs learning environments. Our central mission is to enhance the education environment by fostering engagement and user-friendliness. Achieving this goal involves deploying innovative design solutions, effective space planning, and strategic asset replacement—all tailored to the unique goals of each educational organisation, with a particular emphasis on enhancing energy efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint.

As your reliable partner, we provide a comprehensive project delivery solution that seamlessly integrates multiple roles. Assuming the responsibilities of Principal Designer, Principal Contractor, and Health and Safety Management Services provider, we prioritise effective and timely communication throughout the project's lifecycle. Relevant reporting documentation is diligently crafted at various stages, ensuring you remain well-informed and in control.

Upon the successful completion of your project, our commitment to a seamless handover comes to the fore. We furnish you with essential handover documents, including comprehensive operations and maintenance manuals, the health and safety file, and related drawings. These resources empower you to confidently manage your educational environment, facilitating a smooth transition to operational excellence.

At PPS, our dedication lies in transforming educational environments to help you achieve your unique goals. Contact us today to explore collaborative opportunities and enhance your educational space. Together, let's shape the future of learning.

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